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@ FEN - Festival of Independent Theatre and Theatre ensembles of Croatia, Opatija, April 19th @ 6 pm

MFFM  after being shown in 2011. on several international festivals (Sarajevo/BiH, Novi Sad/Serbia, Split/Croatia & Subotica/Serbia) will be presented by FEN Festival (April, 17-22) in Opatia on April 19 @ 6 pm.

MFFM is the third part of the latest Shadow Casters’ trilogy “On Togetherness”. MFFM separates the worlds believing that the “safe place of conversation” provides a clearer insight and a better understanding: therefore both performers/ author and the audience are separated. Through the male-female, female-male, male-male and female-female encounter; through befriending stereotypes and taking part in their unmasking; through shifting the perspective on the other (male or female); through playing with queer/weird – what emerges here bright and clear are the similarities in differences and differences in similarities that usually escape us.

Claiming that men and women are different – almost to the point of being two species/ two worlds – is increasingly popular these days, from the yellow press to “light” and “hard” sciences. We therefore confirm those worlds and submit them to forensic investigation. This particular forensics is doubtlessly eclectic – object-oriented, subject-oriented, psychological, social, political, anthropologic, pathologic – its principles being formed and questioned not only during the rehearsal period but also during the performance’s public life – with each new show.

MFFM opens up questions and themes in circles/ layers, much like Babushka figures. Yet unlike the Russian souvenir, even the last and smallest of the figurines can be opened in this dramaturgic-directorial model and what is inside of it is up to each one of us to discover for oneself…

In this quest for new answers to eternal questions on female and male that we keep posing to ourselves, the audience is an equal partner (“attacker”) to performers by its own choice. MFFM is a journey through mutual opening, conversations, songs, dance, laughter and tears. It is an adventure, which everybody embarks with certain luggage of ideas and prejudices to be surprised by the end of the show with the luggage’s new content.

WHAT: “MFFM - Male/female-Female/male” twin performance
WHEN: April 19, 2012 @ 18.00 (Female show for female audience)
WHERE: FEN - Festival of Independent Theatre and Theatre Ensembles of Croatia, Opatija

CONCEPT: Shadow Casters
DIRECTORS: Boris Bakal and Katarina Pejović
AUTHORS/ PERFORMERS: Irma Alimanović, Zrinka Kušević, Jelena Miholjević, Mona Muratović, Petra Težak
DRAMATURGS: Stanko Juzbašić, Vedrana Klepica, Dražen Novak
ORCHESTRATOR: Stanko Juzbašić
DURATION: 2h without intermission

+385 1 464 02 62 (098 165 81 86)

FUNDERS: National Foundation for Civil Society Development; City Department of Education, Culture and Sports Zagreb; Republic of Croatia Ministry of Culture, Clubture


This performance is performed for same-sex audience: “Male for Male” and “Female for Female”. In other words, plan your visit to MFFM in the company/ safety of your sex!

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