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EX PONTO - International Performing Arts Festival 2012, Ljubljanja, Slovenia


MFFM is the third part of the latest Shadow Casters’ trilogy “On Togetherness”. MFFM separates the worlds believing that the “safe place of conversation” provides a clearer insight and a better understanding: therefore both performers/ author and the audience are separated. Through the male-female, female-male, male-male and female-female encounter; through befriending stereotypes and taking part in their unmasking; through shifting the perspective on the other (male or female); through playing with queer/weird – what emerges here bright and clear are the similarities in differences and differences in similarities that usually escape us.

WHAT: “MFFM - Male/female-Female/male” twin performance

WHEN: 16. 09. 2012. @ 8 pm
female show ONLY for female audience
male show ONLY for male audience                       

WHERE: Španski borci
Cultural Center Španski borci, Zaloška 61, Ljubljana
Ex ponto - International Performing Arts Festival 2012, Ljubljanja, Slovenia

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